måndag 20 juni 2011

the first second you insist on harming me and make me jealous ... The second second do you want to shine in the glory of that I'm mad at you, discreetly.
The third second, try to make me happy again by being cute as never before, also discreetly
You are playing with fire, and the Fire Will play back. Even if you do not believe it now. It will.

måndag 30 maj 2011


Im just sick and tierd of this motherfucking bullshit!

Vill flytta nu! Slippa ALL denna skit o bah träffa nya folk o leva ett liv UTAN att behöva vara rädd, o konstant tänka på det här o de där o allt.. Hell no!

Släpp mig fri helvetes värld!

lördag 26 februari 2011

Ny design o morsan i Tyskland :D


I'll write this in english because I sent this link to my mom so she can see how good and angel-like me and Christoffer have been!

And also we cleaned up the kitchen :)
And we'll do our chores tomorrow :)

Miss you! :D<3